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 Kitfox Aircraft LLC USA: 
 The homesite for the kitfox kit.
 Kitfox parts. 
 Service-letters, Bulletines. Site.



 Kitfox Flyer UK.




Allweather Covers for Kitfoxes and other planes.
 Price for Kitfox 4 ~ EUR 372.00 + tax and freight.



  Storage for your Kitfox.





Classified :

  HighWing LLC,  Kitfox parts and more. 
  New bungees with smaller crimped ends
  to kitfox, more simple to install.


 Parts to Jabiru-engine.


  Airplane Parts

 Carb heater for your Rotax 912.

 Parts for rotax, instruments and more.

 Carburator syncroniziser for your engine. Simple to use.

Muffler for your Rotax 912.

 Made in Czech




 Czech floats.

 Floats for your kitfox.


 Aluminium parts for your Rotax 912 and more.

 Made in Czech



One of the best Oil-coolers that you can use to your Rotax 912.

Check for your distribitors.


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Howard Curtis' Web Site 25000 links


This site is dedicated to the owners,
builders and flyers of the Kitfox airplane in Europe and outside EU.
I hope it can be useful also for the flyers that not have build an aircraft
but are interested to know about a very good performance, safe, cheap and easy aircraft to build.

This site will be update constantly.

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